Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Wacky Weather!

It's hard to believe but a week ago the temperatures were hovering near 100 degrees. Since Thursday, it's been in the 50s and 60s and we even had thunderstorms on Thursday and the Weather Channel says we might get some later this afternoon. The skies are very dark and it looks like it might pour any moment.
I took a short drive up Angeles Crest Highway this afternoon. It was so amazing to see all the yucca plants dotting the mountains. They are very pretty up close and I love their almost buttery-yellow color. The flowers look almost like little bells. The view of Downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley was not very clear, but it was still amazing how far I could see. Not quite to the ocean, but almost. On a clear day...

Hope all of you here in the U.S. are having a nice Memorial Day weekend.


Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

Wow! I am loving these flowers! I would love to see these IRL! :D Thanks for sharing!

susanc said...

Your welcome! They really are pretty and it's amazing how detailed they are up close.