Sunday, November 7, 2010

Making Progress

After a craptastic August and September, I seem to have lost my crafting mojo and it was nowhere to be found.  Slowly, but surely, it seems to be creeping back.

I have had this Bernat "Galaxy" yarn (which sadly has been discontinued) in the Mars colorway for years, and finally decided to dig it out last night and start knitting a simple scarf for myself.  I love when a yarn does "all the work" and all you have to do is mindlessly knit.  I chose to do a simple scarf (I was "scarfed-out" from knitting so many when I first started knitting about five years ago), as I wanted a simple project to do while watching television in the evening.  I just casted on 15 stitches and started knitting and will continue to do so until I run out of yarn!  Hopefully the two skeins I have will make a decent-lengthed scarf.

What projects are you working on?