Friday, September 5, 2008

Just. A. Visitor.....???

This is the "visitor" I'm referring to. A peach face lovebird. She/He has been "visiting" now since last Sunday. I was out in my backyard doing some yardwork when I heard what I thought was a parrot. We have wild parrots in our area from time-to-time and I thought that's what I heard. Close. I walked over to the big oak tree that overhangs in one corner of our yard, thinking that's where the sound was coming from, but when I stepped up on the planter to get a closer look, up flew a small bird from where the hydrangea is. All I could see at that point was yellow and a beautiful blue color, it all happened so fast! I mimiced it and it flew over onto my neighbor's roof in her backyard and I was able to better see what it was. A little lovebird! I knew it must have gotten out of someone's house or it's cage, so I went next door and tried to coax it onto my finger. Yeah, right! It was not afraid of me, but it just wouldn't walk onto my finger (like I really thought it would - not!). It got close to me but when I put my hand up, it would back-up. I went and got our cat carrier (I was glad I had kept it, as that was the only thing I could think of being able to possibly get the bird to go into) and put some water in a lid and some seed that I have for the birdfeeders in our yard, and set it right inside the door. My neighbor and I watched as the bird cautiously approached the water and food. As soon as it got inside, I closed the door and it was safely inside! I was concerned for its safety, as we have two different hawks that come to the birdbath in our yard and it wouldn't take much for it to become a "snack" for one of them or the other various predators around. Later that afternoon, I was glad the bird was inside, as one of the hawks flew by. Phew!

Since Sunday afternoon, I have been looking for posters or signs, checking Craig's List, The Recycler, and all the local newspapers hoping someone will post a lost bird ad. Nothing so far. I just don't know how long I should keep looking. The bird will need a cage and I will get one if need be, but I just want to make sure someone isn't looking for it. I can't imagine they wouldn't be, but in the meantime, it seems content in it's improvised "home". I'm just glad that it's safe and well-cared for until we know whether it will become a member of the family or not.

On the crafting front, I finished my beaded hearts charm bracelet. I tried taking some pictures of it, but I didn't like the way they turned out. I have to get some good pictures of it, and as soon as I do and I'm happy with them, I'll share them with you. I'm trying to become a better photographer with each picture I take, but I have LOTS to learn! But then, everything in life is a learning process. Isn't it? That's what keeps things interesting, I think.


Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

HE is a cutie!!! I see a stamp in the future here! :D

susanc said...

It is a sweet little bird. It's hard picking a name when I don't know if it's male or female though; however, I decided on "Gioia" which means "Joy" in Italian.

muralimanohar said...

My poor dd lost two lovebirds that she loved just suddenly up and died, we never found out why; and one, dh forgot to latch the cage properly, and a window was cracked while we went out. Dd was crushed! She loved those things! They really ARE sweet, aren't they??

susanc said...

Yes, Gioia is such a sweet little bird. I've never had one before, but am enjoying having her as part of the family! I'm so sorry about your dd's two little lovies - that would be heartbreaking. I make sure I latch the cage where all the "doors" are - they are very clever and I'm sure this is how mine got out of her cage when I found her. They are very clever!