Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Can Dream...

... of cooler days! It is another toasty day here, but I met my dear friend "K" at one of our favorite spots, Descanso Gardens, this morning for stitching and good conversation. She is working on quilt pieces for a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and I started a cross stich pattern I had bought last year. I figured if I start now, I'll have it finished in another couple of "stitching days" we meet for and will be able to hang it on my Christmas tree this year! I thought it was apropos to stitch this on such a warm day. While we sat stitching, we were fascinated by the dragonflys that almost seemed to be dancing from flower-to-flower around the pond. There were three large orange ones and about four smaller blue ones that almost seemed to glow in the sunlight. I think I made good progress on my first Christmas ornament for this season!


Marie S said...

What a great capture of the dragonflys, very nice!!
I love the water lily too!!

Thank you so much Susan for the compliment and playing my little game in my giveaway.

I am so sorry for what cancer has done to your family and I will add them to my list of people I send healing thoughts to.
I am so happy your cousin is clear.
I hope your aunt triumphs too!!!
I hope Renee wins this battle also!!!
Cancer does indeed suck, big time!!!
Thank you again. Good luck!

Renee said...

What a lovely blog.

Renee xoxo