Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Burning

I haven't been doing any crafting or jewelry-making, as I've been keeping a close watch on the fire that is raging here. This thing is just massive and as of tonight, racing toward Mt. Wilson where communication and telecommunication towers that serve all of the greater LA area, as well as an observatory, are situated. The magnitude is just mind-boggling. I just spoke to my cousin who lives about six miles from here and it's raging where she is right now. There is just no end in sight. Two firefighters lost their lives today battling this monster. What they do is so brave and so appreciated. My heart goes out to their families. They are doing an absolutely amazing job.
If you are affected by this fire, stay safe.

God Bless Our Firefighters.


Marie S said...

OMG! this sends chills down my spine. It is the scariest feeling.

Stay safe and take care. you are in my thoughts and prayers.
love and hugs.

farmlady said...

You must be awfully close to this fire to get pictures like this. I hope you are further than it looks.

I can't believe there is still land to burn down there. So many fires last year and now another..., and one above Auburn and near Yosemite. This seems odd to me.
I pray for the safety of anyone that is in the fire's way.

Kitchen Sink Stamps said...


xoxo M