Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Besotted With Bluebirds!

I am absolutely thrilled that the pair of Western Bluebirds came back this year and have their nest in a cavity of a nearby Sycamore tree.  After doing some research through the North American Bluebird Society's website and talking with Lisa at Wildbirds Unlimited, I have been putting out mealworms for them .  I made a simple feeder by attaching a round plastic-backed cork mat (used for placing potted plants on) to an old broom handle and a potted-plant saucer as a dish ~ it is working out great!  It is so much fun to watch both of them come, eat and then gather up as many worms in their beaks that they can carry and fly off to feed their babies.  I'm hoping that when the babies fledge, they will make an appearance.  I will definitely try getting photos of that.  They are the sweetest birds and I love watching them.  They make me happy just seeing them!  I feel very lucky that they have taken up residence nearby and that I can help provide protein for them and their little ones!


tinajo said...

Very pretty birds!

Anonymous said...

I love how you repurposed the simple everyday things to make your feeders...and it looks like the birdies do too!

Anonymous said...

These bluebirds are so beautiful. I have never been outside of Europe. I didn't now that the bluebirds mentioned in so many songs are THIS blue. I like your idea for feeding them, and the pictures are lovely. All my best from Stockholm!