Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cancer Sucks

I wasn't sure if I should post about something so personal, but I got some pretty devastating news last Sunday and it's constantly been on my mind this whole week. My cousin "R" was just diagnosed with colon cancer. Even though we haven't seen each other very much in the last few years, we have always been close. We are the same age and I have great memories of times we spent together when we were growing up. We see each other at important family functions, birthdays, and funerals (unfortunately). He is going to see a specialist at Cedars-Sinai on the 19th of this month. He was telling me that Sharon Osbourne made a huge donation to the hospital, as that's where she was treated for her colon cancer. I know that he's got some hard times ahead of him, but I pray that he can beat this and be around for a long time to come. I've lost too many people I love and care about to this damn disease. I just ask that anyone reading this will keep good thoughts for him.

On a happier note, I finished painting the back room today. It was quite an overwhelming task, but I'm so glad that it's done and it looks so nice! I feel quite good about being able to accomplish all that I have these last few months. I've painted almost every room in the house by myself and now I can concentrate on more crafty pursuits! I started on my beaded heart bracelet charms with the Delica beads and it is so much easier and faster with them than having to sort through the irregularly-shaped seed beads, although as I had blogged before, I still do like how they look.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying watching the Olympics. I'm going to go sit down and do some beading now while watching them.

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