Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beaded Bracelet in Progress!

I've been working on making these beaded heart charms for a bracelet that was designed by Julie Ann Smith ( who is an extremely talented lady. I was so excited to find the pattern, after having seen a woman wearing one she had made at San Gabriel Bead Co. on Wednesday. I had gone out there to get some jewelry supplies and while perusing the Swarovski crystals, a customer came up and started chatting with the lady who was helping me. We were admiring the beaded jewelry she was wearing that she had made and I especially noticed the bracelet she had on. When I got home, I googled a few search terms and actually found the bracelet! I couldn't believe it. I actually found it through a really net website called "Bead-Patterns The Magazine" ( where you can purchase patterns. I then googled the artist and found her website. Wow, is she talented. She not only designs beading patterns, but makes beautiful lampwork beads, is an artist, and even designs fabric! You should check out her website.

The pattern calls for Delica beads, which I don't have too many of, so I ordered the colors I need for this bracelet. I have LOTS of seed beads, so I decided to try making up a bracelet with those, since I won't receive the Delicas until probably Tuesday or Wednesday and I didn't want to wait that long to get started! I went through my stash of seed beads and picked out the colors I liked and got my supplies together. I love the bright, happy colors of the hearts and especially the cute black and white "checkerboard" border. I started working on the beaded hearts yesterday and so far I've got 7 done and have just started working on the 8th. Seed beads are more time-consuming to work with, as they are not perfectly-shaped and sized like Delicas, however I do like the effect with them. The bracelet calls for 11 hearts in total. I should hopefully have them done by this evening, since I have the entire day free to bead (yay!!!) and then will begin working on making up the crystal charms and picking out some chain for the bracelet. I'll keep you posted with my progress. This is one bracelet that I know I will wear all the time, as I love hearts and crystals!

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sweetp said...

I love this. Wow!Can't wait to see your finished bracelet.