Saturday, November 15, 2008


These are just a few of the unbelievable and heartbreaking images we in the Los Angeles area have been dealing with since late last night. There are over four major fires going on here in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties at the same time. The two bottom pictures from Yorba Linda, which is in Orange County, show a multi-million dollar estate burning to the ground with an infinity pool in the foreground; the top picture shows both the Yorba Linda fire and the one burning in the Newhall Pass, which is in the northwestern part of Los Angeles County. It seems like there is no end in sight. The fires just keep hopscotching because the embers are being carried by the wind and are starting more fires miles away from where they originally started. There was a major fire that started last night around 10:30 that ended-up totally burning over 500 homes to the ground in just one mobile home park. There were reports of the wind being 70 m.p.h. This all just makes me heartsick. It's so hard to watch, but it's like an accident - you just can't help but watch. We had a horrendous fire about five years ago in the San Bernardino area in which hundreds of homes were also lost at this same time of year and one in the San Diego area. This has always been the fear when the Santa Ana winds pick up and when it has been so hot (records were set again today) and everything is so dry. As one newscaster just said, this is a dire situation and to add insult to injury, there are reports of looting. I don't understand the mindset of some people.


Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah...the fires were awful, Susan! I was in OC during those fires. Ugh.

Hey! Thanks for the heads-up on the cabled coffee cups. I'm gonna zoom out there...maybe tonight!

Ellen B.

Anonymous said...

So so glad the smoke is gone. We have some moisture and cooler weather today! Yipee!

I saw your comment on Stitchy Sticherson and I like your bead idea for the cookies!!

susanc said...

Thank you Miss Paula. Yes, I too am so glad the temps are cooler today. We may be getting some much-needed rain this coming week, but then worries about mudslides come into play after all the recent fires. Ugh - can't there be a happy medium?!

I'm glad you liked my idea about the the beads for sprinkles - I think it would be darling. I'll have to give it a try when I get my other projects finished.