Thursday, May 7, 2009

Carousel Restoration Part Two

These are the last of the photos I took last Sunday. It really was a very interesting afternoon. The top photo is of the antlers on one of the animals. A lady was telling me that they are actually real antlers, as the wooden ones they had used were always breaking from children hanging onto them. These won't break!

Another interesting fact she told me is that the "male" horses always have their tongue hanging out of their mouth. She wasn't sure why, but I guess it was a way of showing their "maleness"! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos.


Larry said...

I've been to the Carousel museum in Connecticut (USA)and they get thousands for some of the better ones.-They're interesting to look at and I like to noe the styles of various carvers.

farmlady said...

Aren't these animals beautiful. They're really works of art. They must be made very well to withstand the use over the years. What an interesting thing it must be to watch them restore these animals.