Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Close Encounter of the Crafty Type

I had a very pleasant encounter of the crafty type with Cathy Filian of DIY's "Creative Juice" (,,DIY_13703_3793650,00.html) yesterday at a local JoAnns. I was on my way out of the store and saw something else that I needed, so I grabbed it and got back in line. A cute redhead standing at the checkout looked very familiar to me and as soon as she spoke, I realized who she was. Cathy is just as sweet and bubbly in "real life" as she is on "Creative Juice". I was in back of her in line and took the opportunity to tell her that I really enjoyed the show. We spoke for a few minutes about the show, the upcoming CHA show in Chicago this month, and the fact that it's never too early to be shopping for Halloween and Christmas fabric in July! She was shopping for Halloween fabric for a kid's project that she will be working on, as CHA's theme this summer is kids. As she was leaving she thanked me for watching the show and said that it was very nice to have met me. I told her that it was a pleasure for me as well, and that I will be watching for the 13 new episodes of "Creative Juice" that begin airing this September (I'm not sure if they will be on HGTV or DIY Network).

It's fun to unexpectedly encounter a "celebrity" who is really down to earth and excited about what they're doing, and is willing to take the time to talk to you. I enjoying talking to people, no matter who they are, who are passionate about their craft!

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