Monday, April 27, 2009

"Crafting" Picnic

I met my dear friend "C" on Saturday at a little park in So. Pas. It was a lovely day; breezy and a little cool. We sat and talked quite a bit and then had a bite to eat. I made cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and she had brought some fruit to eat, although we only ended-up eating the sandwiches! We sat at the picnic table for quite a while before it got really breezy and a little chilly, so we decided we'd like to be a little warmer and moved to her car. She is working on granny squares for an afghan - the center is a really pretty red and the main square is an ecru color. The outside round is black, which is a really hard color to see without having really good light. I suggested she go buy an Ott-Lite; I love mine. JoAnns has them for 50% off, but I'm not sure how long that is good for. I worked on one of my WIPs, Aibhlinn from the 2004 Winter Issue of Knitty. I just got the one picture of her working on her square and a few of the park while I was waiting for her to arrive. I will try to take more pictures next time we meet to do our crafting.

We then drove over to San Marino to Julienne for a treat. They have wonderful food there and next time we decided we'll get something from there, as they have food-to-go. They have a great selection of sandwiches, salads and desserts! We both got an espresso and a coconut macaroon - YUM!!! We sat and talked for a while at the tables outside until they closed at 5:00 (there are heaters set up outside so it was very comfortable). We then said goodbye with plans to get another get-together on the calendar very soon. It was a wonderful day with a wonderful friend, even if we did end-up talking more than doing any actual knitting or crochet! Time just seems to fly by when we get together.

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farmlady said...

Spending the day with a good friend, just talking and enjoying each others company is one of life's joys.