Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Tweet!

I was so excited to see and hear a family of Bewick's Wrens in my backyard. Their trilling song is so pretty to listen to. There are five of them and they are absolutely adorable. I'm not very good with my photography skills yet, but these two photos are the best out of a bunch I took. It was hard to get a good picture, as they were in the shade of a huge oak tree most of the time and the fact that they blend in with the surroundings. The momma wren was finding bugs and feeding them to her baby, who is just about as big as she is! Their tails give them such personality - too cute! I read that their numbers have severely declined in the eastern United States to where there are relatively nonexistant (http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Bewicks_Wren_dtl.html#conservation), so I am excited to see them here in my little corner of the world in Southern California and that they seem to be doing well here in the west and hopefully will re-emerge in the east.

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